Renegade and Beyond Frontiers Showcase at Pipers

We recently had the honor of sharing the stage with Beyond Frontiers - The Journey Tribute Band featuring Joey Belladonna. Renegade was invited to open the show at Pipers, showcasing our Styx catalog.  There was an excellent turn out of local fans, and some that had never seen us before.  I believe we even picked up a few new ones after this event!

We opened the night strong hitting hard with the first power trio of songs. We kept the energy going by covering many of the major hits, and some back catalog cuts that have become fan favorites. Frank as always was the ideal front man belting out the songs with authority, and Dean added his normal brand of searing guitar work (the rest of the band was pretty good too!). The fans responded in kind, as the atmosphere was exciting. After that of course, we had to throw in a couple of Boston songs to close out the set! 

Shortly after we exited the stage, Beyond Frontiers stepped up and were ready to go.  With the crowd already energized, they came out swinging with Separate Ways. Joey walked up to the mic and belted out a solid vocal performance that would even make Steve Perry turn around and cheer! Joey has that unique high range and vibrato characteristic of heavy metal singers (he is also the lead singer of Anthrax) that is so powerful, it grabs your attention.  The band was without question, on point. They put on a high energy show from start to finish. 

Of course, we must give our profound thanks to the crew at Pipers in Pompano Beach. It is such a great local venue that is made to cater to musicians and fans alike.  We especially would like to express our gratitude to Greg Watts and his entire crew, not only for inviting us to play, but for how well they take care of all the musicians that play there.  

So, thanks to all of you who are out there supporting us and supporting live music!  You are as always, the reason that we do this. Head over to Events page to see where we are playing next. Or feel free to drop us a line at


See you soon!

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